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Bringing an Extra Element of Energy Efficiency

Conserving energy in your home should be a top priority. Stop wasting money on extra electricity and gas needed to heat and cool down your home during the summer months. Have our insulation contractors at West County Insulation properly install and remove any old insulation from the walls of your home. Call us today or contact us online to get a free in-home inspection. We’re here to help you save on your home.


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Why You Should Get Your Walls Insulated

An insulation contractor installing wall insulation.
  • Keeps the temperature of your home or commercial space regulated
  • Saves you money on energy costs
  • Prevents structural damage from moisture
  • Reduces noise

Insulation Types We Work With

Blown-In Insulation

A quick and easy-to-install option that has been shown to be up to 22% more efficient than fiberglass batting. Blown-in insulation seals those hard-to-reach tight crevices in your walls making it a great choice for extra sealing. Other benefits include reduced condensation, soundproofing benefits, and fire protection.

Batt and Roll Insulation

One of the most recognized insulation types, batt and roll insulation, provides a snug fit inside the studs and the gaps of your home’s walls. This fit helps reduce the amount of energy required to heat and cool a home by as much as 50 percent.


Frequent Questions About Wall Insulation


Is Wall Insulation Effective?

Yes, in fact installing insulation in your walls is one of the most effective ways to keep heat and cool air inside your home. By providing a seal to the cracks in each wall, you’ll be able to make your home more energy-efficient.


Can You Over-Insulate a House?

You can over-insulate a home. By installing too much you tightly seal your home. This keeps moisture trapped and can create a breeding ground for mold. 


What is the Best Insulation for Exterior Walls?

Fiberglass batts are great when it comes to cost. They are a cheaper option and still provide a great seal for your home. Blown-in insulation is another popular option. Spray foam is the latest popular choice and provides the best seal possible.


How Much Does External Wall Insulation Last?

External wall insulation is known to last for 25 years. However, many types are known to last for much longer.

The Best For Wall Insulation in St. Louis

Treat your home with the energy efficiency it deserves. At West County Insulation, our contractors are here to provide the professional wall insulation installation and removal to ensure your temperature stays consistent throughout the year. Start living in comfort and watch the savings on your energy bills begin. Call us today or contact us online to find the right time for a free in-home inspection. We’ll give you a free estimate to get started on everything you need to start saving. 

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