Retrofit Insulation in St. Louis and St. Charles

Bringing Improved Comfort to Your Home

As your home ages, so does your insulation. Improving the quality of it can really give off benefits that are set to improve your home in the long run. At West County Insulation, we provide retrofit insulation services that bring a significant upgrade to your home. Our contractors can work with you to determine if your current insulation is still good or if it needs to be removed and replaced. They will also make it easier to determine where you should install it and how much you’ll need. Get started today and get your home at the most comfortable temperatures possible. 


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When is it Time to Upgrade Your Home’s Insulation?

batt insulation inside an attic.
  • You notice a steady increase in your energy bills
  • You notice a draft in your home
  • The temperatures in your rooms are noticeably different

Insulation Types We Work With

Blown-In Insulation

A quick and easy-to-install option that has been shown to be up to 22% more efficient than fiberglass batting. Blown-in insulation seals those hard-to-reach tight crevices in your home making it a great choice. Other benefits include reduced condensation, soundproofing, and fire protection.

Batt and Roll Insulation

Known as one of the most recognized insulation types, batt and roll insulation provides a snug fit inside the studs and the gaps of your new home’s walls. This fit helps reduce the amount of energy required to heat and cool a home by as much as 50 percent.


Frequent Questions About Retrofit Insulation


Can Insulation Be Added to Existing Walls?

Yes, insulation can be added to existing walls. In fact, you can even install new insulation without removing the drywall.  Blown-In insulation provides an easy way to retrofit your home, without the difficult challenge of removing anything.


Can You Over Insulate a Home?

You can in fact over insulate your home. Too many layers of insulation can mean that moisture gets trapped in between those layers eventually causing mold and other problems.


Should I Insulate the Walls of My Old House?

Many times older homes were not properly insulated. You’ll notice this if your energy bills are high during the winter and summer months. You’ll also notice how quickly cold and warm air leaves your rooms. New insulation provides the comfort you’re looking for in your home.


Should You Insulate the Floor in a Crawl Space?

Insulating the floor in your crawl space can help keep cold air out during the winter. In turn, this will make the floors above feel warmer. Crawl space insulation also provides a layer of protection to ducts and pipes.

The Preferred Retrofit Insulation Contractors of St. Louis

Live in comfort and make sure that your home is set up and ready with relaxed temperature control. If you know your home is in need of an insulation upgrade or you notice a fluctuation in your energy bills, call the insulation company in St. Louis that specializes in retrofit services. At West County Insulation, our contractors are able to get your home on track by providing retrofit services for your walls, attic, crawl space, garage, basement, and any other area of your home in need. Get started today and call one of our specialists. We’ll set up a time to look at your home and provide you with a free home estimate. 

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