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Giving Your Home an Opportunity At New Insulation

Over time, just like with other parts of your home, your insulation wears down because of factors such as water damage, animals crawling through it, or smoke/fire that can cause problems over time. Not only does this hinder simply adding in new insulation, it also presents a health risk to you and everyone inside your home. At West County Insulation our insulation removal is here for all of St. Louis and St. Charles. Our top-of-the-line removal machine makes getting rid of your old blown-in insulation simple. If you’re in the market for new insulation and need your old removed, we’re the best choice in St. Louis to call. Call today so we can schedule your free estimate.


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Why Is Insulation Removal So Important

Blowing Blown-in insulation into a wall for soundproofing.
  • Makes the installation of new insulation effective
  • Enhances quality of life for everyone in your home
  • Comfort in every room
  • Energy savings

Frequent Questions About Insulation Removal


How Can I Tell My Insulation is Bad and Needs To Be Removed?

There are many ways to determine if your insulation needs to be removed. For instance, keep an eye on inconsistent household temperatures, higher than normal energy bills, walls and ceilings that are cold to the touch, drafts, and any issues with pests. 



How Often Should Insulation Be Replaced?

Insulation can last anywhere from 20-80 years. So if you own a newer home that was built within the last 30 or so years, you shouldn’t have to worry too much. But keep an eye on those signs that might indicate a need in new insulation. If you’re experiencing any of those signs, it might be time to get the old batch removed.


Professional Insulation Removal Company in St. Louis 

To keep your home as comfortable as possible means getting rid of old insulation to make room for a fresh, new, healthy bundle. By ridding your home of the old insulation, you’re providing a better and healthier living condition for you and your entire family. One that also performs better with both hot and cold air to help provide maximum comfort for your home. Get started today by giving us a call or filling out a contact form below. Together, we’ll see up a time to give you a free estimate and get one step closer to removing any old insulation in your home.

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