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If you’re looking for a trusted insulation contractor in St. Louis and St. Charles, look no further than the contractors at West County Insulation. Your crawl space is one of the leading causes of heat loss and cool air during the winter and summer months and can be felt on the floors of your home. When it comes to your crawl space, your insulation plan needs to be one that keeps moisture under control so that mold doesn’t take over. Get your free in-home inspection. We’ll have a contractor come out to give you a detailed estimate of what it would take to get your crawl space in the perfect shape for energy efficiency.


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Signs You Need Insulation for Your Crawl Space

A newly insulated crawl space.
  • Your floor above your crawl space is really cold in the winter.
  • The room that sits above your crawl space is consistently losing heat during cold months.
  • You smell mold or see signs of the crawl space being damp. 
  • You notice any insulation falling down between the joints of your crawl space.

Insulation Types We Work With


Rigid Foam

Known as one of the best types for crawl spaces, rigid foam insulation is made from materials and chemicals that are known for good insulating properties, energy savings, and moisture control. Some benefits include its ability to not absorb water, fight against mold growth, and provide a sealed to air leaks.

Batt and Roll Insulation

Known as one of the most recognized types, batt and roll insulation provides a snug fit inside the studs and the gaps of your new home’s walls. This fit helps reduce the amount of energy required to heat and cool a home by as much as 50 percent.

Blown-In Insulation

A quick and easy-to-install option that has been shown to be up to 22% more efficient than fiberglass batting. Blown-in insulation seals those hard-to-reach tight crevices in your attic making it a great choice. Other benefits include reduced condensation, soundproofing benefits, and fire protection.


Frequent Questions About Crawl Space Insulation


What Kind of Insulation Should I Use in my Crawl Space?

To get the best energy efficiency, rigid foam insulation board is recommended as the choice to insulate your crawl space. With good moisture control, the ability to fight mold growth, and close air leaks rigid foam is a great option.


Can You Over Insulate a Home?

You can in fact over insulate your home. Too many layers installed can mean that moisture gets trapped in between those layers eventually causing mold and other problems. Something that you would not want to affect your crawl space or any other area of your home.


Should Crawl Space Be Insulated?

Of course. Just like with other areas of your home, heat and cool air are easily lost through the gaps in your home. With the right insulation in your crawl space, you can have controlled temperature within your floors.

The Best Crawl Space Insulation Company in St. Louis

Making your home more energy-efficient starts with ensuring the proper insulation is installed everywhere it’s needed. Your crawl space is one of the most important areas to insulate, so make sure a professional is there to handle the job. As one of the top local contractors in St. Louis insulation, we are always ready to perform an in-home inspection and give you a free estimate to help provide a solution. To get started and get your home and crawl space insulated, call us or contact us online.

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