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For the top attic insulation contractors in St. Louis and St. Charles, call the experts at West County Insulation. We’ll provide the right services to give you the insulation needed to keep any leaks sealed in your attic. This ensures a more comfortable feeling throughout your home. Get started today on making your home or commercial building maximize its energy costs. 


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Why Attic Insulation is Important for Your Home

Attic insulation that was installed in the ceiling.
  • Keeps the temperature of your home or commercial space regulated
  • Saves you money on energy costs
  • Helps deter rodents out of your attics
  • Prevents structural damage from moisture for attics
  • Reduces noise
  • Prolongs the life of your roofing

Insulation Types We Work With

Blown-In Insulation

A quick and easy-to-install option that has been shown to be up to 22% more efficient than fiberglass batting. Blown-in insulation seals those hard-to-reach tight crevices in your attic making it a great choice for saving energy. Other benefits include reduced condensation, soundproofing benefits, and fire protection.

Batt and Roll Insulation

Known as one of the most recognized insulation types, batt and roll insulation provides a snug fit inside the studs and the gaps of attic walls. Made from fiberglass insulation, this fit helps reduce the amount of energy required to heat and cool a home by as much as 50 percent.


Frequent Questions About Attic Insulation


How Thick Should Attic Insulation Be?

Insulation levels are measured by their ability to resist the flow of heat. (R-Value) Depending on your insulation type, it’s recommended to insulate to a value of R-38 which is about 10-14 inches.


Can You Put Too Much Insulation In Your Attic?

You actually can. Your attic really only needs the first few layers. Any more, and you would be paying extra for a smaller impact. Not to mention, the risk of mold growing in between the layers. 


Is Insulating Your Attic Worth It?

For a significant improvement to the comfort of your home, insulating your attic can be quite worth it. It’s shown that insulating this area can save 10-50% on the average heating bill.


Should I Remove Old Attic Insulation Before Adding the New?

Not necessarily. If your insulation contractor determines that it is still in good shape, you can get by with adding the new insulation right over the old.

The Prefered St. Louis Attic Insulation Contractors

Provide your home with the best St. Louis insulation contractors in the area. Our installers have worked in homes all around the area providing professional attic insulation services. We make our services quick and easy thanks to our expert process, which includes installing everything in a manner that leaves your home clean and protected. Schedule your free attic insulation consultation today and get one step closer to a much more comfortable home. 

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