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Spray foam insulation has become one of the most popular forms of home insulation out there. It provides some of the best sealing capabilities out there to help you save on heating and cooling costs. The air-tight seal the spray foam insulation creates provides much more insulation than your normal fiberglass batt or roll would. So when you’re looking for the top spray foam insulation contractor in St. Louis for your home or commercial property, call us at West County Insulation. 


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What is Spray Foam Insulation?

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Spray foam insulation is a mixture of polyurethane and isocyanate that expands into foam. Its expansive abilities make it a top choice to seal the smallest cracks in your home and save energy. It comes in two types, closed-cell foam, and open-cell foam. At West County Insulation, we offer services for both spray foam insulation types to ensure a new refreshing feeling.

Closed-cell foam comes in both a high and medium density. The high-density foam is the densest foam insulation out there and is the common choice for commercial projects. While medium density foam is the common choice for residential homes especially in an attic and crawl space.

Open-cell foam on the other hand is a low-density option that is softer and flexible. It’s great for soundproofing and is a much cheaper option than closed-cell foam. 

While spray foam insulation is known to cost some money, the quick installation process and long-term results make it worth it. Both options are known for being two of the best insulation methods to help you save energy. 

Why Use Our Spray Foam Insulation Services To Help Your Home Save Energy


Quick installation Services


Spray foam insulation is known to last a lifetime


Can reduce the amount energy required to heat and cool a home by up to 50%


Outperforms all other insulation methods when saving energy


Frequent Questions About Insulation: Spray Foam


How long does Spray Foam Last?

If your insulation is properly installed, spray foam insulation has the ability to last the lifetime of your home. It can stick to nearly any surface and can be strongly maintained once dry. Once it’s there, it’s a lifetime of saving energy and money.


Can You Do Spray Foam Yourself?

While spray foam insulation is quite easy to work with, we recommended that you hire a professional St. Louis insulation contractor to handle your spray foam. It’s made up of chemicals that should be handled with care so it’s best to find an expert to handle this insulation.


Can Mold Grow on Spray Foam Insulation?

Luckily spray foam insulation has been great when it comes to being unaffected by traces of mold. With proper air circulation from your HVAC unit covering the area, most mold consultants have noticed no traces of mold with this type of insulation present.

Trusted Spray Foam Installation in St. Louis For Your Home

End your search for a permanent solution to energy efficiency. At West County Insulation, our spray foam contractors are ready to ensure your home is set up perfectly to enjoy everlasting comfort. Insulating your home brings so many benefits that most don’t realize. The amount of energy you save by sealing up those crevices with trusted insulation saves money and work on your furnace and AC. To get started with your free in-home inspection, call us today or contact us online. Our insulation installers will provide you with a free estimate and a timeline for a plan to install your spray foam insulation. 

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