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Bringing A Comfortable Temperature To Your Home

Do you find yourself constantly adjusting your thermostat to try to keep the temperature just right? West County Insulation is an expert insulation company in Crestwood, Missouri that can help make sure every inch of space in our client’s home is properly heated or cooled.


When you walk into your home, it should be a comfortable temperature no matter the season. But if a house is poorly insulated, the temperature will be hard to regulate. If you find this is the case with your home, schedule an appointment with us to assess your insulation.

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Signs You Need to Replace Your Insulation

batt insulation inside an attic.

Insulation is important when it comes to keeping your home or business at an even temperature. Often, the signs that insulation needs to be replaced are subtle and hard to notice. Below are indicators to look out for:


  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Your house feels drafty
  • Your energy bills are higher than normal
  • Noises outside and within your house seem louder than they should be

Types of Insulation We Install and Remove

Crestwood Insulation Services

Attic Insulation

Insulating your home is a great way to cut down on temperature fluctuations, drafts, and discomfort. When attic insulation is installed correctly, you’ll have a proper seal that will maintain a consistent temperature.

Wall Insulation

Wall insulation is one of the best ways to save money on your electric bill. It also ensures that temperature levels are uniform across every room in the house.

Crawl Space Insulation

The crawl space under our homes is often overlooked, but this can lead to problems like cold spots or hot streaks in your house. This creates discomfort inside the house and also increases utility costs.

Soundproofing Insulation

Insulation is a great way to reduce distractions outside of your home, including noise. With less external interference, you and those around you can focus on family.

Retrofit Insulation

Homeowners and business owners alike should be sure their insulation is up to code with a professional insulation contractor in Crestwood. Without proper insulation, you may notice higher energy bills and an uncomfortable living environment. 

New Home Insulation

We know that when it’s time to make your dream home a reality, you want everything perfectly planned and executed. That is why we work with the best contractors in town so your new space will be flawless!

Commercial Insulation

West County Insulation prides itself on being a professional and efficient insulation company. We’ll make sure that your entire commercial space stays at the perfect temperature throughout the changing seasons. 

Insulation Removal

Your home’s insulation is one of the most important parts to maintaining a comfortable temperature. Worn-out insulation is a serious problem that can lead to more expensive energy bills and more severe problems like moisture intrusion. West County Insulation’s removal service offers an easy solution for homeowners who are experiencing the effects of old or damaged insulation. 

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West County Insulation is a trusted Crestwood insulation installation and removal contractor, with years of experience in the field. If you need help fitting your home or business properly against its environment, give us a call today!

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