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Make sure that your home or business is set up for energy efficiency. For the best batt and roll installation in St. Louis or St. Charles call the experts at West County Insulation. We specialize in residential and commercial insulation services making it easy for home and business owners to save on their energy bills. Our batt and rolled insulation contractors provide a quick and easy answer to ensure comfortable temperatures for your home. 


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What is Batt & Roll Insulation?

batt insulation inside an attic.

Distinguished by their pink or yellow color, batt and roll insulation is one of the most recognizable forms of insulation out there. Batt insulation typically comes in pre-cut sections that are easily laid out in your attic, walls, or floorboards. Roll insulation is similar to batts but comes in an easy-to-install roll. They leave much less opportunity for gaps in-between sections than batts would.

Both are generally made of fiberglass and provide a cost-effective solution to energy savings. They help control your home’s temperature, acoustics, and best of all provide help for controlling energy costs. For the best batt insulation contractors in St. Louis, call the professionals at West County Insulation.

Why Use Batt & Roll Insulation?


Quick installation


Generally has a lower install price


Can reduce the amount energy required to heat and cool a home by up to 50%


Frequent Questions About Batt & Roll Insulation


Can you over insulate a house?

You can in fact over insulate your home. Too many layers of insulation can mean that moisture gets trapped in between those layers eventually causing mold and other problems.


Is fiberglass a good insulator?

Yes, fiberglass does make a good insulator. It works by trapping air between its strands. this stops warmer air from moving around and taking over cooler spaces. 


How long does roll insulation last?

Roll cellulose insulation can last up to 100 years through the right conditions and an environment free from critters. 


Is batt insulation cheaper than roll?

That answer really depends. While there is really little to no price difference between batts and rolls, you also have to take into account the size and shape of the area you are looking to insulate.

The Insulation Experts of St. Louis

Batt and roll insulation is a great option for attics, floor, and wall insulation options. At West County Insulation we do it all. No matter if you have a new home or need a retrofit in your current home, our insulation contractors have the experience and capability to ensure a quick and simple job to have your home sitting at a comfortable temperature. To get started, contact us by phone or by filling out a contact form below. We’ll set up a time for an initial inspection and get your home or commercial building set up and ready to go.

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