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To help St. Louis and St. Charles homes and businesses in the area, we ensured that our insulation contractors are trained to use a variety of different insulation types. With the expertise and knowledge that we’ve gained over the years of work we’ve completed, we’ve been able to help home and business owners alike cut costs on their energy bills and provide a comfortable living space for families all over the region. To schedule your free in-home inspection, call the insulation company that is always ready to help you; West County Insulation.


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We’ll Help Choose the Best Insulation Types For Your Home

Spray Foam Insulation

Known as one of the highest-quality insulation methods out there, spray foam insulation has become one of the most popular techniques on the market. It’s estimated to save you about 40% on heating and cooling costs thanks to the air-tight seal that is created. For the finest in spray foam insulation installations, call our professional insulation contractors today.

Blown-In Insulation

Most commonly found in your attic or crawl space, blown-in insulation is made up of loose particles that get blown into the area and covering up all the cracks and spots where cool or warm air can escape. Our blown-in insulation services include both fiberglass or cellulose insulation.

Batt & Roll Insulation

The most commonly known type of insulation, batt insulation is typically made of fiberglass and comes in the classic pink or yellow strips that you usually see in new construction homes or complete remodeling processes. For your next batt insulation project, call us at West County Insulation. We’ll make sure it’s done with the high-quality that we’re known for. 

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